Trampoline mind

by Jellephant

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notes on 'trampoline mind' :
the instruments i played on this album are electric guitars, acoustic guitars, guitars that remain somewhere in the space between these two, the flute that is called the 're-cor-der', bassguitar, organ, spraypaint, tambourine, happy apple toy, melodica, singing voice, screaming voice, 90's plinck-ploinck toy, cartboard box, laughing voice, the 3-stringed tin can ezratar and i might've forgotten something.
leander van geffen played all the drums in one night (8th of november) & puck ingen housz accompanied me beautifully with her singing on most of the songs. rutger marsman did the mastering, and he did it so well i'm tempted to hire 108276 nice people to go to his house, me up front, to give give him the ovation he deserves. without puck, leander & rutger things wouldn't have worked out as they did (good) and for their help I am grateful.

- i like downer, downer, downer (ver. 3) because of the flute-things.
- i also like i could only see air because of the trees and other green things i see when i listen to it.
- don't come down introduces a thousand suns. puck played the happy apple and half of the plinck-ploinck toy.
- a 1000 suns is good things eventually
- shams is شمس = 'shams' but also 'shams' and especially those two combined. what you're mainly hearing is something i call the 3-stringed tin can ezratar and it was made by ezra snoek.
- when this wears off then i'll be fine is about the 1st of august 2013 it was either a monday tuesday or a thursday
- hm-hm-hm-hmhm-hm 's working title was vlieland and that's exactly what it is about. shades of appletree, dunes, hills, sun / moon-reflections on sea and all that. relaxation (try to say that without sounding reggea)
- boy is about a dearest friend whose name i will not mention due to the theme of the song but speaking of which, you should really listen to christopher's songs, they're really good.
- therapissed, well yes, the lyrics speak for themselves, i'm not here to sling mud or destroy (little-promising) careers
- die die die die die is something i wouldn't have written if puck wouldn't have bought that riverside gospel group record. most of all i really like the choir of pucks at the end, i had such fun recording that.
- brd / brf is about long-gone things and one of the only two older songs on this record (downer is the other)
- riverside reprise is a reprise of die die die die die
- restless love is mainly just sweet.
- regarding pck #3, all applause must be directed at puck. her part which starts halfway the song was insanely nailed in one take. for this one, inspirationally i'd like to mention figments, a. a. newcombe and walt disney. i'm looking forward to the moment i'll be writing pck #271 and meanwhile i'm sure i'll enjoy myself.


released November 14, 2014




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