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Hippy Tree Friends Collective is:

Erik Giesen (guitar/vocals)
Jorik Tangelder (guitar)
Guus ten Klooster (bass)
Arnoud Lievers (drums/vocals)

This album was recorded in the third weekend of august 2013

We are extremely proud and grateful for the opportunity to make and release this record. Without the help from our (brighter) friends, everyone that was involved and the generous people who funded us, we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this.

Our special thanks go to Robbert Muylaert and the P8 for letting us use their space (which used to be a place that gave us and many of our friends a saturday-night-shelter in our teenage years) and for providing all the coffee, Bram Derksen for his (vocal) support, Bauke Liebrand for documenting the recordings on film, Dennis Spee for his wish to listen to HTFC on vinyl and encouraging us to let him record the music as if it were a band rehearsal by recording us live on reel-to-reel tape and doing this with admirable patience and Puck Ingen Housz for making the most beautiful artwork we could wish for.

Something else we did not forget: we’d also like to thank Wessel Oltheten for mastering this album, Viktor Remme & Paul van Zeeland & David Stevens for letting us use their audio equipment, Floor Derksen & Sicco Berg for sharing their home during the recording process, Henry Nagel & Resi Giesen & Mark Rensen for their cars and driving skills, Daan Muller for photographing the htfc-theatre and Jelle Haagsma for his all-round support.

With love, HTFC


released October 4, 2014




Brighter Records Arnhem, The Netherlands

We want to collaborate. In whatever way, in whichever discipline;writing/playing/performing/recording/producing/releasing music, and beside music any other discipline you could make up: poetry & prose, film, photography, theatre & performance, and all other avant-garde bullshit like Donald-Ducking and fish eating and skydiving while making out with a baby unicorn. ... more

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