i looked up and saw the sky / still i had a brighter place in mind

by Jellephant & Christopher

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Jellephant and Christopher met when Jelle had a pink mohawk and Christopher didn’t know who the Beatles were. 10 years later they recorded a split ep of five songs in one week’s time on jelle’s houseboat, which is surrounded by chickens, goats and floating toilet paper.

for this ep there were two rules:

1. only use guitars, organ and voice.

2. always add something to the song of the other

Because of this second rule the songs didn’t turn out to be just two Jellephant and two Christopher songs, but four ‘Jellephant & Christopher’ songs.

The recording and producing of the ep gave rise to the idea of Brighter Records, of which this ep would be the first release.

Because vinyl is mighty fun J&C decided to press the ep on 7 inch records and to finance the pressing a crowd funding campaign was initiated. Within ten days the records could be ordered.


released April 20, 2014




Brighter Records Arnhem, The Netherlands

We want to collaborate. In whatever way, in whichever discipline;writing/playing/performing/recording/producing/releasing music, and beside music any other discipline you could make up: poetry & prose, film, photography, theatre & performance, and all other avant-garde bullshit like Donald-Ducking and fish eating and skydiving while making out with a baby unicorn. ... more

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